ABOUT Women's Health

This guide aims to provide a compiled list of resources relevant to Women's Health: Breast, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

This webpage was created by:

Mitzi Mack, Master Degree Student at the University of South Florida School of Information. 


Women's Health Professional Organizations

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - the premier professional membership organization for obstetrician–gynecologists, producing practice guidelines, providing practice management and career support for providers and educational materials for patients.

American College of Nurse Midwives - provides research, administers and promotes continuing education programs, establishes clinical practice standards, creates liaisons with state and federal agencies and members of Congress.

American Society of Breast Surgeons - the primary leadership organization for general surgeons, who treat patients with breast disease, is committed to continually improving the practice of breast surgery by serving as an advocate for surgeons who seek excellence in the care of breast patients.

American Society of Reproductive Medicine - dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine.

Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses  - Our mission is to empower and support nurses caring for women, newborns, and their families through research, education, and advocacy

Council on Patient Safety in Women's Health Care - brings together partner, subspecialties, and patient organizations with the goal of improving health care for all women.

The Endocrine Society - We unite, lead, and grow the endocrine community to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and improve health worldwide.

Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health - is the professional community for Women's Health Nurse Practitioners and other advanced practice registered nurses who provide women's and gender-related healthcare. NPWH also pioneers policies to address gender disparities and forges strategic partnerships that advance health equity and holistic models of care.

Society for Reproductive Investigation- the mission is to advance reproductive and women’s health care through basic, translational, and clinical science, training and mentoring future generations of investigators,  and promoting women’s health globally.


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive Health Services and Outcomes, 2020

Office presentation iconRacial_and_Ethnic_Disparities_in_Reproductive_Health_Services_and_Outcomes,_2020..ppt

This chart below demonstrates the summarized national data for several reproductive health measures by race/ethnicity to inform health equity strategies. 

The data was gathered from Pub Med national electronic databases between 2010-2020.


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